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Organize the Christian left!

We Tradinistas are a small group of young Christians seeking to articulate a genuinely Christian politics that authentically responds to modern social realities. The temporary alliance between the liberal order and Christianity has revealed itself as just so - temporary - and everything sacred and profane is increasingly subject to logics of desecration, exploitation, control, and oppression. In the Western world, the main political alternative to the regnant neoliberal order seems to be a reactionary ethnonationalism, which variously depends on neopaganism and white supremacy for its success. New solutions and ideas are desperately needed.

In this situation, we recognize that the costs of the liberal order to the faith, to morals, to political order, to economic wellbeing; in sum, to every aspect of human flourishing, count greater every day. Against this, we propose a Christian socialist politics, based around four key principles:

  1. Political society should promote virtue and the common good, not just the instrumental goods of individual citizens. Politics are ordered to the good, the true, and the beautiful.
  2. The system of global capitalism is fundamentally unjust, predicated as it is on the system of wage-slavery and the sectarian ordering of society toward the enrichment of the capitalist class, rather than the genuine common good of all. We propose socialism as a rectification of economic society toward the common good of all.
  3. The history of political liberalism is the use of supposedly neutral and universal rules to legitimate the oppression and exploitation of minority subgroups. We must therefore explicitly provide for the excluded in the law in order to prevent their oppression by the powerful.
  4. Doctrinal liberalism is a product of the modern order, and is hostile to the earthly work of Jesus Christ and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

In our task, we are influenced by Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Karl Marx, and the Catholic social magisterium, among others. We invite everyone of good will to join us in developing a politics dedicated to the common good of all humankind.

You can see more details about our program in our manifesto; you can follow us on Twitter @tradinista; our Facebook page is here; stay tuned for more content in this space, and for reading groups and happy hours coming to a city near you. Email us at tradinista@gmail.com if you operate a group sympathetic with our goals.